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Do you like clubbing? I really do. And do you know carrotmobbing? No? Then it is certainly time for you to learn about Clubmob!

Clubmob gives you the opportunity to help improving the environment while partying. So you will never have to rethink about whether it would be alright to have another drink or not. Your drink will definitely be a good investment.

The principle is easy and based on Carrotmob. I guess you all know the phenomena of mobs which are being organized on Facebook and the high impact they sometimes have. In a Carrotmob campaign, the power of the consumer is used not to boycott a business but to support positive changes. (mehr …)



In my last post, I dealt with one way to learn more about Social Entrepreneurship: To attend courses in this topic, to gain knowledge from people who are already familiar with it. Also, discussing with others who interested in Social Entrepreneurship can be a great source of input, creativity and new ideas. It gives the opportunity to look at things from a different point of view. Maybe a point of view you might have never thought of yourself.

I would like to get back to the google search I commented on last week. I was quite impressed by the broad range of activities taking place and all the input I found on the internet. I will just mention two great examples here which could also be helpful to you: (mehr …)


The fact that there are so many completely different kinds of Social Entrepreneurships is kind of confusing to me and the line between Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship seems to be very thin. This post is a try to create at least a rough order out of my mind’s chaos.

I have outlined the word „social“ in my last post and also have an explicit idea of what entrepreneurship is. I liked the definition mentioned in class by Prof. Dr. Ripsas: „Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunities without regard to resources currently controlled.“ Also, Bahar’s critical view in her last post was quite inspiring. I completely agree with what she says: (mehr …)

In meinem letzten Artikel habe ich mich mit einem Social Entrepreneur beschäftigt der mich mit seiner Idee sehr fasziniert hat. Er hat es geschafft ein wirtschaftliches Konzept mit sozialem Hintergrund zu gestalten und hat damit vielen Menschen sehr geholfen. Nachdem ich nun Jans Artikel „Social Business – Oder doch nur Betrug?“ gelesen habe, kamen mir verschiedene Gedanken zum Thema „Wer ist wirklich sozial?“. (mehr …)

Are you social?

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When I read Jan’s comment on my last week’s post and also his article „Social Business – oder doch nur Betrug?„, I could not stop thinking about the actual meaning of being „social“ nowadays. Obviously, people do have a differing opinion of what is social and what is not social. And there are some people tho whom „being social“ is really important and some who care less about it. Still, I feel that this word has become so important, yes, I have the feeling that I can not avoid it at all. That is fine since being social means being a good person, right? But is there any way to measure whether someone is behaving in a social way or not? Doesn’t this depend completely on my personal judgement? (mehr …)

Wenn man muss, dann muss man!

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Mutter Natur hat den Menschen so geschaffen, dass er einfach ab und zu mal muss und zwar auf Toilette. Jeder weiß wie überaus wichtig dieses natürliche Bedürfnis manchmal ist. Somit kann die Frage: „Wo ist die nächste Toilette??“ in mancher Situation durchaus zur gefühlt lebensnotwendigen Thematik werden. In einem hochentwickelten Land wie Deutschland sollte dies nicht zu einer aussichtslosen Situation werden, denn auf Grund der guten Ausstattung mit öffentlichen Toiletten, kann fast jeder seinem Wunsch nachgehen egal wo er ist.

Viel schwieriger wird dies allerdings wenn wir uns in einem Land befinden in dem es nicht mal fließendes Wasser gibt, von einer funktionierenden Infrastruktur ganz zu schweigen. Kenia zählt zu einem dieser Länder, aber die menschlichen Bedürfnisse bleiben die gleichen. Durch die hohe Kriminalität und den Drogenhandel werden ‚stille Örtchen‘  allerdings zu alles anderen als einem sicheren und ungestörtem Rückzugsort. (mehr …)