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No money no honey !?

Veröffentlicht: April 18, 2012 von Ms. Wednesday Luise in Start Ups
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You have an idea?
You want to invest all your time in it?
You don’t want to invest money in it because you don’t have money?
At that point you probably feel that your idea is never going to be put in practice.

An entrepreneur doesn’t need money to start his project, his idea will grow.

The question is: How fast will the project grow and after how many years does he reach success? After 3 years, 5 years or 10 years packed with experiences and a high risk of failing?

It doesn’t need to be like that! offers a new and faster way to analyze how successful your project could be. I was impressed because it is actually so easy.

You describe your individual project including all the brainstorming and your friends, family or the public can support you. They can fund your project via credit card (based on crowd funding, I will let you know more about it in the next blog). In return they get rewards, “that can be a copy of what’s being made, a limited edition, or a custom experience related to the project.” As soon as the project is funded, “every second„ counts. The entrepreneur sets up his funding goal and his deadline of succeed.

If he reaches the goals all credit cards of the funder’s get charged and the money will support him to put his project into practice, if not nobody gets charged. It is easy as that.

The whole community shares their ideas; they inspire each other and develop new ways of thinking. Every entrepreneur has a chance to road test an idea getting a feeling for possible demand.

If in case the raised interest does not match expectations, the whole experience can still be a very valuable form of reality check.