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Do you like clubbing? I really do. And do you know carrotmobbing? No? Then it is certainly time for you to learn about Clubmob!

Clubmob gives you the opportunity to help improving the environment while partying. So you will never have to rethink about whether it would be alright to have another drink or not. Your drink will definitely be a good investment.

The principle is easy and based on Carrotmob. I guess you all know the phenomena of mobs which are being organized on Facebook and the high impact they sometimes have. In a Carrotmob campaign, the power of the consumer is used not to boycott a business but to support positive changes. (mehr …)

Burn your Businessplan

Veröffentlicht: April 25, 2012 von Ms. Wednesday Luise in Berlin, Know How
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“Verbrenne deinen Businessplan!“ Das war das Motto des 8th Lean Startup Meetups bei ImmobilienScout24 am Donnerstagabend.

Der Gastredner Alexander Osterwalder ist Advisory Board bei Appify Co, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder bei Business Model Foundry, Speaker, Author & Advisor bei Osterwalder Strategy Facilitation und gestaltete das Meetup äußerst interessant.

Er hat das innovative Konzept des „Business Model Canvas“ vorgestellt. Diese Model ist eines seiner Innovationen, welche er in seinem Buch „Business Model Generation“ vorstellt (auch bei uns in der HWR Bibliothek erhältlich). Es zeigt einen neuen, einfacheren und innovativen Weg wie man ein Unternehmen plant oder umstrukturiert.