Mit ‘HWR’ getaggte Beiträge


In my last post, I dealt with one way to learn more about Social Entrepreneurship: To attend courses in this topic, to gain knowledge from people who are already familiar with it. Also, discussing with others who interested in Social Entrepreneurship can be a great source of input, creativity and new ideas. It gives the opportunity to look at things from a different point of view. Maybe a point of view you might have never thought of yourself.

I would like to get back to the google search I commented on last week. I was quite impressed by the broad range of activities taking place and all the input I found on the internet. I will just mention two great examples here which could also be helpful to you: (mehr …)

Source: Entrepreneurship is a well-discussed topic at the moment. As we have seen in the last posts, you will find several institutions, blogs and articles dealing with it. But what is the first step to becoming a Social Entrepreneur? What to do, if you are interested in this topic and do not have the chance to participate in a class like the HWR Social Entrepreneurship Themenfeld? Apart from literature, there have to be other existing ways to study this field further. Well, as usually, I asked my smart friend Google and made an interesting discovery: (mehr …)