Carrotmob goes clubbing

Veröffentlicht: Mai 28, 2012 von Ms. Monday Jana in Berlin, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurs, Start Ups
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Do you like clubbing? I really do. And do you know carrotmobbing? No? Then it is certainly time for you to learn about Clubmob!

Clubmob gives you the opportunity to help improving the environment while partying. So you will never have to rethink about whether it would be alright to have another drink or not. Your drink will definitely be a good investment.

The principle is easy and based on Carrotmob. I guess you all know the phenomena of mobs which are being organized on Facebook and the high impact they sometimes have. In a Carrotmob campaign, the power of the consumer is used not to boycott a business but to support positive changes. A group of people offers to spend their money to support a business, and in return the business agrees to take an action that the people care about.

The Clubmob Team – SO36 Award

Clubmob has used this idea in a fabulous way: The team approaches popular clubs in Berlin and offers them a good deal: In return for „mobbing“ their club and therefore guaranteeing a great party with a profitable revenue, the club owner agrees to use a perecentage rate of the profit to make the club more environment friendly. The club with the highest bidding gets the mob! Before the event, the club gets a costfree energy-related advisory service including a site inspection.

The first Clubmob took place in december 2011 in the location SO36 in Berlin Kreuzberg. After the event, a number of changes was achieved: the supplier of electric energy was was changed to one which offers green electricity. In addition, more environment friendly freezers and lamps were bought.

A similar event followed in April 2012 and took place at M.I.K.Z. in Berlin Friedrichshain. I was in touch with the founders of Clubmob and they told me that the revenue of 1000 € will also be invested in more environment friendly arrangements within the next months.

To me, this is a great way of using Social Media phenomena for a social purpose. Jan already presented a similar project in his last post „Geile Sause… – in grün!„. Both have connected the love to party with social benefits.

I was really keen on getting to know when the next event will take place. The Clubmob Team told me that they are in touch with different club operators but will keep it a surprise. I can’t wait for it!

Would you like your favourite club to become more green? Check out Clubmob on Facebook and make a suggestion.

  1. Steffen "Berlin" sagt:

    Hey Jana,

    echt ne tolle Sache dieses Clubmob, es gibt doch nichts schöneres als mit Spaß etwas gutes zu bewirken.



  2. Ms. Monday Jana sagt:

    Hallo Steffen,
    Ich bin ganz deiner Meinung! Ich finde außerdem die Idee das Phänomen der Mobs umzudrehen und somit zu einem sozialen Zweck zu nutzen super.

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