Becoming a Social Entrepreneur – a big investment?

Veröffentlicht: April 30, 2012 von Ms. Monday Jana in Know How, Social Entrepreneurs
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Source: Entrepreneurship is a well-discussed topic at the moment. As we have seen in the last posts, you will find several institutions, blogs and articles dealing with it. But what is the first step to becoming a Social Entrepreneur? What to do, if you are interested in this topic and do not have the chance to participate in a class like the HWR Social Entrepreneurship Themenfeld? Apart from literature, there have to be other existing ways to study this field further. Well, as usually, I asked my smart friend Google and made an interesting discovery:

Did you know that Germany has a Social Entrepreneurship Akademie? It was founded as a network organization of the four main schools / universities in Munich in the year 2010 and offers summer school programs as well as certified three-year trainings for students and professionals. The academy even has a short introduction video:

This sounds good, I thought. It could be a great opportunity to educate oneself, a first step on the way to becoming a Social Entrepreneur. If there are people who already have an entrepreneurial idea or think they will definitely have one in the future, this could be a good way for them to get started. But how to join the program? Let’s take the certified two years course as an example: It consists of 4 semesters, which are structured into two steps: the general part and the specialization. In the second phase, the participants have three options to choose from: NGO’s, Social Business / Enterprise or companies / CSR. The application process is quite simple:

Source: have to hand in your CV along with a letter of motivation and your references. And then came the striking part of the description: The participation fee is 2.250 € for each phase. This adds up to 4.500 € for the two year program!

To me, this is a really high amount for a course with a focus on social issues.  The academy’s website shows that it is supported by well-known institutions like BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt and Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland. This gives the reader a sincere impression. However, I wonder why the fees for this program are so high. Do you think it is alright to make so much money out of  people who want to improve their environment? Shouldn’t educatin in this field cost as little as possible to give people with a great idea the chance to realize it?

  1. Now I know why I have never heard about it. If the fee is so high, there are only a few people who are really interested and even less who are interested and can afford it.
    It`s actually kind of sad… I mean you lose your interest. Dont you think?

  2. Ms. Monday Jana sagt:

    Yes I think think so too. To me, the education of Social Entrepreneurs should be supported to motivate people. There are a lot of business plan competitions and youth projects taking place. For example the Ashoka youth initiative ( I think this is the right way to support people with a great idea.

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